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Titan Tales

Հայերն այսօր (Armenians Today)

Հայերն այսօր (Armenians Today) Featured Photo
Հայերն այսօր (Armenians Today), a publication by Armenia's Ministry of Diaspora, highlights our students' initiative to help at-risk Syrian-Armenian families who fled the Syrian Civil War and relocated to Armenia. The school received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Diaspora, as well as praise for efforts to support Armenia's vulnerable populations and soldiers on the front-lines. Read the article at: http://hayernaysor.am/en/archives/251004

Titans Sports Camp Week 1

Titans Sports Camp Week 1 Featured Photo
Students in the 2017 Titans Summer Camp enjoy a safe and fun atmosphere to build their abilities in discipline, teamwork, and fitness through basketball, soccer, ping pong, and more. Experienced staff members and camp counselors guide our campers for an engaging and enjoyable summer journey.

Greetings from Armenia!

Greetings from Armenia! Featured Photo
Our annual summer trip to Armenia is underway with a packed itinerary that includes Garni, Geghart, Tzitzernakapert, Etchmiadzin, AUA, Tatev, and so much more. Hop over to our Facebook page to enjoy videos and photo galleries of this beautiful journey.
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