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Curriculum » Language Arts

Language Arts

Language Arts Program

The elementary language arts program involves the integration of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. In a stimulating and enjoyable environment, students work on developing reading and language skills including phonics, decoding, spelling, handwriting, writing, and grammar at their grade level. Young readers are provided with a variety of reading materials and activities to develop independent thinking, imagination, creativity and the ability to communicate with others and express themselves with precision and clarity. The reading materials include literature-based readers, novels, trade books, short stories, non-fiction articles, poems and plays.

As students become independent readers, emphasis is placed on literary analysis, critical thinking, expanding vocabulary, grammar, spelling, reference and study skills. Students are encouraged to develop and express their own reactions to literature and to listen to the viewpoints of others. Writing is taught as a process, which includes pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and post-writing activities. Writing projects are generated from class readings, discussion and activities, and individual interests. Students write reports, stories, essays and poetry. Vocabulary enrichment is given special emphasis, through reading selections, phonics, and usage of the Worldly Wise series of vocabulary development. The elementary language curriculum is designed to foster a life-long appreciation for literature, independent thought, and competency in the use of oral and written English.

 Evaluation of students' strengths and progress in English is systematic and ongoing, reflecting the purpose of the curriculum. It includes a broad range of assessment methods. Regular feedback is provided to students and parents, in order to ensure the optimal development of each student.