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High School Focus Group Program

Our college-preparatory high school curriculum also incorporates the concept of focus groups—this setup will afford our students the opportunity to study subjects they love more in-depth, with internships and extracurricular activities embedded into the schedule. Our 9th grade curriculum is designed to provide students the full foundation necessary to apply for and thrive in our focus groups during sophomore, junior, and senior year. Students will gain awareness of different educational, professional, and career opportunities with the help of guest speakers and field trips. This program will allow students to focus their studies in one of the following fields: Engineering & Technology, Visual & Performing Arts/Communications, Health & Medicine, and Business & Law.

Admissions Requirements

The Focus Group Program accepts sophomores and juniors in good academic standing. This program is designed for highly motivated and determined students who want to make the most of their high school experience. Students in this program value a learning process where experience plays the central role. Application requirements are as follows:

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA in 8th and 9th grade
  • 2 Essays
  • Letter of recommendation by the dean & a teacher
  • Interview with department chair

Program Requirements

In order to complete the program and graduate as a member of the Focus Group Program students must:

  • Intern/volunteer at respected company or organization during senior year (minimum 80 hours)
  • Take one or more elective courses in sophomore and/or junior year that are related to their chosen focus group
  • Attend career-oriented field trips
  • Attend lectures on campus by professional guest speakers
  • Maintain a strong work ethic, commitment to the program, and good academic standing (3.0 GPA)

Engineering & Technology

The curriculum of this focus group will emphasize critical thinking, asking probing questions, and using technology as a tool to arrive at solutions. Students will work on  projects that develop their understanding of hardware/software, engineering, and computer programming.


ELECTIVE COURSES (complete at least one course): AP Computer Science Principles, Cisco IT Essentials, Fundamentals of Design & CADD

Health & Medicine

The curriculum of this focus group follows the scope and sequence of our school’s college-preparatory science coursework. Exploration and experience are critical to preparing the student for a path that leads to a possible career in the field of health care. A solid curriculum along with skills developed during internships all add up to a well rounded four-year preparation of the student interested in the world of science and medicine.


ELECTIVE COURSES: AP Environmental Science, Anatomy & Health, AP Psychology  

REQUIRED COURSES: AP Biology or AP Chemistry  

Communications/Visual & Performing Arts

This focus group seeks to enrich students' high school experience with opportunities to explore and discover their unique artistic talents, and to develop discipline and focus that can be channeled into the arts. Throughout the three-year program, students will gain exposure to a variety of mediums of expression and participate in competitions outside of school, performances, and possible internships. This will allow each student to build a rich portfolio when the time comes to apply to well-known and competitive performing arts schools.


Business & Law

This focus group is geared toward students who would like to pursue a career in the legal or business world. Through specialized electives and extensive internships, they will have the opportunity to develop research skills, knowledge, and analytical understanding of key concepts and principles that drive our court system and the local economy as it fits into the global market.

ELECTIVE COURSES: Intro to Law, Entrepreneurship