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Artemis Nazarian Preschool (ANP) » Goals and Curriculum

Goals and Curriculum

Goals and Curriculum

The program strives to create an environment where children can gain exposure to materials and experiences that promote development of the "whole" child, enabling them to achieve their full potential and acquire the knowledge and skills required for future success.

  • Our commitment for each and every student is to:
  • Develop self-awareness, self-expression, and self-control
  • Develop self-confidence and independence, and sense of responsibility
  • Acquire a sense of belonging, unity, and respect
  • Be aware of cultural values and morals
  • Develop creative problem solving and thinking skills
  • Acquire pre-reading and writing skills both in Armenian and English for a   smooth transition to kindergarten
  • Acquire proper language usage and expression both in Armenian and English
  • Develop their physical and artistic abilities
  • Develop understanding of sound health, safety, and nutritional practices

Learning Environment

Variety of learning materials, manipulatives, and activities enhance children’s growth in the following areas:

Language Arts:
Children acquire listening and speaking as well as literacy awareness skills, in both Armenian and English.

Mathematical Skills:
Children acquire mathematical thinking skills, are able to think logically and solve problems by engaging in hands-on activities and manipulating concrete materials.

Science Skills:
Children acquire knowledge about the world surrounding them by actively experimenting, discovering relationships of change and growth, and realizing cause and effect.

Social Skills:
Children acquire skills to become socially competent and self-confident. They learn to cooperate, share, respect, and become aware of others' needs and feelings, along with learning how to acquire knowledge and have respect for diverse cultural groups.

Computer Skills:
Children gain experience working with educational and fun computer software in their classroom.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills:

Children are provided many opportunities to develop their physical abilities by using both their large and small muscles for various indoor and outdoor activities

Creativity, Musical, and Artistic Skills:
Children acquire skills of self expression through musical activities, creative movements, finger-plays, and drama. Through art, they are encouraged to show their creativity. Most importantly, the main focus is on the process rather than the product.

A Balanced Day:
Group activities are alternated with self-selected activities, small group interactions, and rest periods to provide a healthy and pleasant learning environment. Open-ended and structured activities are designed to provide children with academic as well as social skills. Active and quiet activities are provided for a well-balanced and enjoyable day.

Events and Celebrations:

  • Children participate in one educational and fun field trip per year.
  • Holiday celebrations are incorporated into the curriculum.
  • A number of enrichment programs are provided.
  • All children participate in the annual program.