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I enjoy teaching Armenian language and literature very much, because reading is the only way to a free world where we can open our arms to an unlimited sky and fly. There is no limit to our imagination, where the words dance in front of our eyes and make images within our minds. I especially love Armenian literature, because the language is made of such a wide spectrum of words that create the most vivid of scenes. The intricacies and poetry of our native tongue carry our imagination to great heights.
Teaching psychology also gives me the same satisfaction, as it unfolds layers of the mind and gives us a sense of how powerfully our creative perspectives can alter the world as we see it. At the final point where literature and psychology meet, I have noticed that it is not only the imagination given to us by literature, nor the tools of understanding humanity from lessons of psychology that are so pivotal to us, but the combination of both which gives us so much potential for growth.
I feel so grateful to be able to teach two subjects that are very different, yet equally important in nurturing the human mind.