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2020-2021 Perseverance Plan » MMS Kindergarten

MMS Kindergarten

  • The daily schedule for on-campus instruction is 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • Parents will drop students off on Oakdale Ave starting at 8:15.  
  • They will show a staff member their health screening and students' temperature will be taken.  
  • Students will be admitted to the auditorium and their teacher will walk them to their class after all students have arrived.
  • The auditorium will ONLY be used for Kindergarten pick-up and drop-off.
  • Pick up is through the auditorium where students will be sitting in their assigned seats, appropriately spaced apart. 
  • Parents will drive on Oakdale Ave, students will get in cars, and they will drive off. 
  • The number of students allowed per class/cohort is 14 students to 2 teachers. Kindergarten students will receive education in the classroom from two separate teachers; their homeroom English teacher and their Armenian language teacher. Both teachers assigned to each class/cohort will only have physical in-person contact with those 14 children
  • Health screenings for teachers and students will be conducted prior to campus entry
  • Temperature checks will be conducted prior to campus entry and once mid-day
  • Individual student desks are spaced appropriately apart in the classroom and equipped with desk shields 
  • Teachers will wear face-coverings at all times 
  • Students are expected to wear face-coverings as they enter campus, walk to class or around campus, and when picked up from school
  • Twice a week, each cohort/class will receive PE classes outside appropriately distanced
  • A morning recess and a lunch recess will be held outside in designated areas as a class/cohort. Cohorts will not mix with each other while on campus throughout the day
  • Recess will be in an assigned area used for the week.  That area will then be sanitized and that cohort will move to a different area for the next week
  • Students must wash their hands prior to classroom entry and throughout the day 
  • Sharing of supplies will not be allowed
  •  Daily frequent disinfecting of high-touch surfaces are in place such as; door knobs, tables, light switches, etc.
  • Teachers will continuously monitor the sanitation of the classroom materials
  • All classrooms and bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected daily and frequently by the custodians
  • Lunch prepared in the school cafeteria will  be served in individually packed containers
  • For a flat fee of $100 per month students will be provided school lunch for the entirety of the month.
  • Students may bring lunch from home
  • Lunch will be served in classrooms and students will eat at their desks
  • Snacks should be brought from home and will be eaten on benches outside classrooms with students appropriately spaced apart 
  • Please note that the school remains  a “Nut Safe Zone”

According to the School’s health policy, any child with illness symptoms should stay home.

  •         Any adult or child who shows symptoms of COVID-19, or presents a fever of 100.4°F will be sent home and LADPH guidelines will be followed to meet criteria to return to school.
  •         Any child who develops any of the symptoms while at school, will be kept in the nurse’s office until picked up by the parent. 
  •         Teachers with mild cold symptoms will be asked to stay home.
  •         All individuals must remain at home in isolation and not return to school for a minimum of 10 days after onset of symptoms AND until the symptoms have improved AND they are free of fever for at least 3 days or 24 hours without fever-reducing medication.
  •         If someone in the household is sick with a fever and shortness of breath, the child/teacher will be excluded for 14 days.
  •         If a positive case of COVID-19 is detected at school, the administration will contact the Department of Public Health Acute Communicable Disease Program for guidance on steps to be taken to minimize the risk of transmission for other children and adults.