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Daniel Mehrabian

Hello, and welcome to my webpage. My name is Daniel Mehrabian and I am the newest addition to the counseling department. I have been happily married for 12 years and have two kids of my own; Joel 8; Ellie 2.
I would like to share with you a little bit of my background. I received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from UCLA in Sociology  (undergrad) and Education (graduate school) with a focus on counseling and administration. Then I obtained my Pupil Personnel Services credential which authorizes counseling in public k-12 schools. I have been in the field of counseling since 2003 during which time I have worked in several public school districts as well as recently at Maranatha High School for the past 3 years.
In my two decades as a college and guidance counselor, I have guided numerous students to the highest ranking universities in the world including top-tier schools in the US, China, Korea and Europe. My students have been accepted to schools such as Cal Tech, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, the Ivy League and UC universities. I have also had the opportunity to work as a counselor in the community college system and am familiar with the matriculation process from the community colleges to the universities. 
Last year when I was a counselor at Maranatha High School, I had the honor of being the first staff member in Maranatha High School's history to organize and head a service trip to Armenia in Maranatha's 50 years of existence. What's interesting is that when we were there last year, we stayed at the Tufenkian hotel where the AGBU students and staff were also staying. There I met Mrs. Madoyan and Mr. Gumruyan, and it never crossed my mind that we would become colleagues the following year. It was a Deja Vu moment! 
I feel blessed this year to be part of the great AGBU legacy and family. My role here is to work specifically with the 11th and 12th graders and assist them with the college admissions process. Each student is uniquely gifted and has different skills set; therefore, it is important to look at a student's strengths and be able to find a good fit college where they will continue to nurture and develop their knowledge and skills.  
Thank you for your support of our school and college counseling program! 
Daniel Mehrabian