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English 10 Honors


Macbeth Response #6 due: Thursday, November 21

Consider the following prompt and answer it in a response of a page and a half in length. 

Even though Malcolm is legally heir to the throne, Macduff prevails as the heroic character towards the end of the play.  In a response, briefly analyze the prudence of Macduff’s choices and the actions he takes.  Do we commend or condemn him for sacrificing his family for the greater good?  True, he helps to bring peace and prosperity to Scotland, but is the price worth it? 

The ancient Greeks defined hero not as someone who “saves the day” in a modern Superman-like fashion, but rather someone who goes above and beyond what is humanly expected of him.  Therefore, are Macduff’s actions heroic?

You will need two pieces of textual evidence. Do not merely summarize the plot or the article.  Do not forget your own original title and submit to upon completion.

Homework: due Monday, November 18

Advanced  Language and Literature, pages 303-304

a)Understanding and Interpreting

b)Analyzing Language, Style and Structure

Homework: due Tuesday, November 5

Advanced Language and Literature, pages 492-497 due Tuesday (11/05)

a)Understanding and Interpreting

b)Analyzing Language, Style and Structure