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During the winter of 2009, a task force comprised of board members, administrators, teachers and parents was formed to evaluate the current and future role of technology in education and to explore avenues of implementation aimed at enhancing the educational experience of students at AGBU MDS.


It was clear from the inception that many advances were being made around the globe and that we had fallen behind. The mission was not only to ensure that MDS would catch up to its peers, but would also become a model school for the use of technology in and outside the classroom.


This effort resulted in the introduction of ELMO projector units, SMART technology, a CISCO Academy, and a complete upgrade of the computers in all the computer labs along with the Rosetta Stone language program. None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the full support and generosity of the entire school community. Parents from kindergarten through high school came together with the PTO and helped raise over $120,000 during an unprecedented fundraising campaign which made the SMART board program a reality within a few short months.


The proliferation of SMART boards in every single classroom on campus helped distinguish AGBU MDS’ efforts in delivering an educational experience appropriate for the information age.


The most ambitious goal set forth by the task force was the installation of a fiber optic and wireless network infrastructure that would catapult our campus to the leading edge of information sharing and communication. Commitment from the Board of Trustees and an incredible amount of time and effort invested by volunteer members of the Information Technology Task Force resulted in the completion of this immense technology upgrade at MDS.


Crews worked tirelessly to install state-of-the-art fiber optic cables, wireless base stations and CISCO networking switches throughout the campus. These upgrades have given our teachers and students networking capabilities of the highest order in the education sector.


The start of the 2017-2018 school year brought with it the launch of the Mardiros and Varsen Oruncakciel Multimedia Lab. This lab was designed to put the latest hardwares and softwares into the hands of our elementary students so that they can not only develop the traditional set of computer skills, but can also harness the multimedia potential of creative technology. Elementary students will have opportunities to learn how to create films, podcasts, music, photo editing, stop-motion animation, and beyond based on Common Core State Standards. Through class exercises and assignments, students will develop their ability to research, make decisions, communicate, collaborate, and beyond to prepare for the continuation of their computer-based studies from grades 6 through 12.


Our middle and high school computer programming also continues to follow the latest trends in the pedagogy of technology. Robotics, for example, has quickly become a popular and relevant subject. Studying this subject gives DHS students (grades 6 through 12) a rich knowledge base in science and engineering principles while participating in local tournaments with First Lego League. DHS students continue to develop their software and hardware skills in the DHS Computer Lab through a wide range of courses including AP Computer Science Principles, General Computer & Technology Classes (grades 6 through 8), Robotics (grades 6 through 8), Intro to Technology & Engineering (grade 9), CISCO IT Essentials, and Fundamental of Design & CADD (grades 10 & 11 for Engineering & Technology Focus Group students).


As our society continues integrating technology into everyday life, the strategic efforts of AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School have equipped students with the necessary tools to navigate this new frontier in human civilization.