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Ms. Arus Andreassian » Grading Policy

Grading Policy

All students in music classes are graded based on their participation in singing, class discussions, and written assignments done in class. Behavior and attitude in class will also have an effect on the student's grade.

The following are basic definitions of each grade:

Indicates quality work, which is outstandingly superior. Those who receive the "A" grade should not only complete all assignments, but also show enthusiasm and effort in the subject area and exhibit the ability to analyze and apply principles learned. Sing with great effort in music class all the time. Participate actively in listening and visual aid skills. 90%-100%
Indicates high quality of work and mastery of the subject. This grade reflects above average achievement and some ability to analyze and apply principles. 80%-89%
Indicates that the work of the class has been done in an acceptable manner and that the student secured a satisfactory knowledge of the material of the course. The student has not, however, gone beyond the minimum amount required. 70%-79%
Indicates below average accomplishment and/or grasp of the subject matter. A student who earns a "D" grade has done only the minimum amount, has been somewhat negligent in doing class assignments. 60%-69%
GRADE "F" 60% and below
Indicates that the quality and/or quantity of work is so far below what is expected of the class that it cannot be considered adequate for the granting of credit. Grades are also related to points or percentiles achieved on participation and class assignments.