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Years at A.G.B.U.: First year
BA in Armenian Linguistics and Literature, Hamazkaine Institut Superieur D'Armenologie- Lebanon, 1993
Background and Hobbies:
From an early age, I always admired teaching, which meant my childhood games often consisted of me taking the role of a teacher. After receiving my degree, I taught Armenian literature to elementary students for a few years in Lebanon. Additionally, I have always been interested in science, art and design which has led me in obtaining a 3D Jewelry design and Web design certification. Last but not least, I graduated from Everest  Dental College as a dental assistant in 2015. Voila! Here I am teaching Armenian to the young children, something that is very close to my heart.
The Quote I abide by is by the Lebanese, American artist, poet and writer Khalil Gibran: " Rest in reason; move with passion".