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Middle and High School Curriculum


In middle school, students are exposed to programs designed to enrich their core subject classroom education, which will ultimately prepare them for a successful transition into high school. Ample opportunities are provided to enhance their experience including extra-curricular clubs and a variety of electives such as robotics, public speaking, visual and performing arts, and competitive sports. These opportunities are designed to help students develop social skills and help them acquire the academic foundation they need in order to succeed in high school.


In addition to the college-preparatory instruction that takes place in high school, students challenge themselves further by enrolling in Honors and Advanced Placement courses. By the end of freshman year, high school students have the opportunity to qualify for and apply to one of four focus groups: health and medicine; engineering and technology; business and law; and communications/visual and performing arts.


Within the structure of these focus groups, students are offered specialized coursework, exposed to guest speakers, attend educational field trips and ultimately participate in internships during their senior year. Student-led clubs such as Red Cross, UNICEF, Cancer Awareness and many others, provide an educational environment where the spirit of volunteerism and community involvement are highly valued and celebrated. Finally, international programs such as the annual trip to Armenia, the Armenia internship, and the exchange program with our sister school in Argentina, reinforce the globally focused nature of our school and our students’ cultural heritage.