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Titan Community,


Welcome to the 42nd academic year at AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School! To our returning students and families, welcome back. And to our newest Titans, welcome home. As one of the world’s largest Armenian schools, we take immense pride in the diverse and dynamic programming we offer inside and outside the classroom. We give thanks to those who laid the foundation upon which we can thrive. And we extend open arms to all of those in our community who join us in a spirit of partnership and support to create a new chapter in our institution’s history.


Consistent with our Expected Student Learning Results, we aim to develop young men and women who are academically capable, skilled learners, independent thinkers, socially responsible and productive citizens, and individuals aware of their Armenian language and cultural heritage. On that last point, I can personally attest. In June, I had the honor of joining our incoming junior class on the school’s annual trip to Armenia. Needless to say, this deepening of the student body’s relationship with their heritage is one we seek not to impose, but to facilitate. At churches and temples, on the dance floor and volleyball court, in meadows and mountains, our students encountered the singular insights inherent to travel, one made all the more distinct by the bridge we as a school forge between diaspora and homeland.


Both dimensions of this identity are complex and revealing. Our school is uniquely situated to unpack the intellectually edifying treasures of a multifaceted identity. As diasporans, we are a global family. Our brothers and sisters in Syria, Argentina, Ethiopia, and beyond impart to us the richness of diversity. Of course, we need not look beyond our own backyard to see the fruits of that multiculturalism. Here in Southern California, we are proud to serve students who not only represent our Armenian background, but also the other threads that color our quilt. Today’s impactful Armenians are citizens of the world, empathetic in character, sound in judgment, and tolerant of diversity.  


This year, we are excited to extend some of the new initiatives we launched last year. This includes offering Eastern Armenian language instruction parallel to our Western Armenian curriculum, as well as required Chess class for K-5 students in the Marie Manoogian Elementary School (MMS). Thanks to the bountiful generosity of our school’s supporters, we are also excited to announce the launch of a brand new computer Mac lab for MMS.


Please be sure to explore our website to learn more about our school’s history, staff, and the wider institutional network to which we belong as members of the Armenian General Benevolent Union, the world’s largest Armenian nonprofit organization dedicated to educational, cultural, and humanitarian programming. In addition, our website offers a plethora of resources to help guide students and families in navigating academics (including homework assignments), codes of conduct (handbooks for academics and athletics), textbook lists (in our school library’s section), tools for alumni, and much more.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me in our Main Office by telephone at 818-883-2428 or by email.


Welcome back, and welcome home!




Arpi Avanesian