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Loan Policies

Teachers Information


Teachers are encouraged to borrow materials from the library for use in their classrooms, either for teaching preparation, or for personal enjoyment.  Teachers may check out materials from "Teachers Corner" in the reference section for a short period of time.


Students Information

Students may sign out library books, newspapers and magazine as long as they have returned any overdue books and have paid any existing fines.  Students are responsible for any materials signed out from library under their library card.

Students may renew regular library books for an additional two weeks as long as the book is not on reserve list. Reference and reserved materials can not be renewed.

Students who have overdue books will not be permitted to borrow any additional library books until they take care of the overdue matters.

- Circulating books (up to 3) - 2 weeks

- Reference books (up to 2) - 3 days or overnight

- Magazines (current issues) - stay in the library

- Magazines (back issues) - 3 days.

- Newspapers (current issue) - for 1 class period

- Vertical file (3 pamphlets) - 2 weeks

- Non-book materials - only for teachers to use in the class

- Audiovisual equipment - only for teachers to use in the class

Audiovisual Equipment and supplies:

- Audio cassette recorders

- Audio cassette duplicator

- CD player and VCR set up for duplicating videotapes

- Film strip projector

- Slide projectors (2)

- OPEC projector

- Audio cassette

- Video cassette