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Counseling/Guidance » Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution


1. Stop and understand the conflict. 
  • How does your body feel?
  • Choose an appropriate time and place.
2. Share your concern. 
  •  Facts
  •  Describe WHAT happened…NOT WHY it happened
  •  Use “I” statement
  •  Be respectful
3. Listen without interruptions.
  • Listen actively
  • Ask questions to clarify a point
  • When the person is finished, repeat what you heard.
  • Acknowledge speakers point of view
4. Brainstorm and agree on a solution. 
  • Work together to find ways to solve the problem
  • Consider all the choices
  • Consequences and rewards for each choice
  • Select a WIN/WIN solution
5. Forgive/Thank 
  • Handshake, hug, or a kind word.
6. Talk to an adult if conflict repeats. 
  • Conflicts that keep repeating.
  • Danger to self or others
  • Problems that can result in someone being hurt
  • Any bullying behavior