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The traditional Armenian History Timeline Contest, organized by Ararat Home of Los Angeles, was held on Sunday, March 29 with eight (8) Armenian schools participating. At the end of the two hours of intense competition during which time questions about Armenian history spanning from prehistoric times to the present were asked and answered by teams of three students from each school, AGBU MDS won the honors of first place by accumulating 96 points, followed by Chamlian Armenian School in second place with 90 points and Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School in third place with 89 points.
Eighth graders Miray Atamian, Karla Marukoglu and Katrina Karaboghosian were members of the team from AGBU MDS. They dedicated countless hours of practicing and training for the contest under the guidance of their Armenian History teacher Mrs. Elo Mirzoian, using the book Armenian History Timeline written by Hagop and Marilyn Arshagouni.
Congratulations to the participating students and their parents for a job well done. Many thanks to Mrs. Mirzoyan for her dedicated effort to train and prepare over a period of six months Miray, Katrina and Karla for this friendly competition that brings students of Armenian schools together every year.