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Super States Chess Tournament in Valencia

Our Chess Coach Artur Aghajanyan led the A.G.B.U. MDS chess students at the Super States Chess Tournament, held in Valencia at the Hyatt Hotel on Saturday, March 17th and Sunday, March 18th.   Of the 600 chess players from all over California who participated, 20 were from A.G.B.U. MDS and our school was represented in 4 categories.  This is how they did:

K-1 won the Championship Gold and a Trophy.

The following students in the 1st grade division won first place:

- Anna Aghajanyan

- Juliana Davoudikia

- Christian Abnoosi

- Hamlet Sogomonyan


The following students in the K-3 division won second place, after a school from San Diego:

- Shant Vakian - 3rd

- Saro Arakelian - 2nd

- Alex Nizamian - 3rd

- Makayla Davoudikia - 2nd


The following students in the K-6 division won second place:

- Alex Vakian - 5th grade

- Sevag Vakian - 4th grade

- Harout Khodzhumyan - 5th grade

- Andre Gevorgian - 5th grade

- Sevag Halburian - 5th grade

- Daniel Pambukyan - 4th grade

- Alexander Pambukyan - 5th grade

- Nareg Areg Avakian - 6th grade

- Shaunt Nizamian - 5th grade

- Alec Sezgin - 4th grade


In the K-8 division, our 7th graders did a wonderful job. It was such a challenging Chess Championship for them and they received their first ratings.

- Preston Aren Kevorkian - 7th grade

- Evan Kegham Kevorkian - 7th grad