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DHS Students Stage Walkout in Solidarity with Parkland School

Principal Avanesian's message: 
"Today you are exemplifying leadership. Today you are model citizens of our school, our community, and our country. Today you are showing us that you heard the courageous voices of the students from Parkland, the way that they heard the voices of the victims and survivors from Sandy Hook and Columbine and Las Vegas and Orlando and and and.

Every day, 92 Americans die due to gun violence. 92 people. Gun violence in America is nothing short of a public health crisis, and the people holding office have failed to pass legislation that will keep our country safe.

By standing here today, you give us hope for the future by taking the destiny of a nation into your own hands. The future is yours to shape in a moment when we so desperately need honorable and passionate leaders, and in this country, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to if you're willing to put in the work, make your voice heard, and be an active citizen. On behalf of our faculty and staff, I applaud you for your civic engagement, and encourage you to harness today's energy into a vision for the kind of citizen for America and Armenia you wish to be."

Christina Sorfazian's message:

“Good morning my fellow peers and administration,

Today March 14, 2018 marks a month since a school shooter entered Parkland high school and killed 17 innocent lives. Those individuals had entered school with the thought that they would go learn and return home, however their lives were taken away from them, so today we gather here to pay our respects to those individuals who lost their lives as well as the multiple mass shootings that have occurred in our country over the years. We also join in this movement along with schools nationwide for another cause and that is to call upon congress to recognize these malicious acts and to find a solution.

I personally know multiple students as well as administrators, who either have had family or friends including myself involved in mass shootings however These mass shootings do not just affect those directly affected, but they affect everyone that hears about it and even sees it in the media and the country as a whole.

Thus, I feel our school speaks upon these new situations and we engage in class discussions pertaining to it, but speaking about a change we want to see is not the same as what we are doing now, and that is taking a direct stand against mass shootings, while paying our respects to all the victims.

My sisters were in the venue of the Las Vegas shooting and are victims. I especially feel the need to participate because I need to take a stand, and I feel that this walk out that we take part in not as an opportunity to skip class, but rather it is a way for students and teachers to be able to be apart of a change in this world that we all yearn to see.

Furthermore, I do understand that although it’s just 17 minutes that are not nearly enough to remember and mourn those victims and everyone else that’s suffered from mass shootings, it shows a sense of care for the lives that are lost or like my sisters could’ve been lost.”