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2017 Science Fair

5th Grade Life Science Awards: Arman Nalbandian (Water vs. Coke vs. Orange Juice on plants, Honorable Mention), Veronika Khachatryan (Color Changing Flower Experiment, 3rd place), Sophie Dorian (Does Color Affect Taste Perception?, 2nd place), Lilia Antonyan (How to Attract Birds on Your Farm, 1st place)


5th Grade Physical Science Awards: Annie Hakobyan (A Catfight for Separation, Honorable Mention), Alexander DerManuelian (How the Strength of Magnet Varies with Temperature, Honorable Mention), Anthony Arakelyan (The Power of Potatoes, 3rd place), Lucas Fung (Up Up and AWAY, 2nd place), Nicole Zibdea (How Does Soil Affect Water pH?, 1st place)


6th Grade Life Science Awards: Michael Martirossian (Sparkling Smile, Honorable Mention), Stella Shagmirian (How to Keep Avocados Fresh, 3rd place), Vana Toutounjian (The Stroop Effect, 2nd place), Georgia Besnilian (Lettuce See Which Food has the Most Bacteria, 1st place)


6th Grade Physical Science Awards: Atam Aivazian (Hovercraft Cart, Honorable Mention), Haig Jibilian (Earthquake and Building Design, Honorable Mention), Daniel Keshishian (Tee is High or Low, Honorable Mention), Arek Haddadian (Perfect pH, 3rd place), Tanya Tashan (Liquid Battery, 3rd place), Avand Dorian (Which Wire and Shape Works Best with a Homopolar Motor, 2nd place), Mary Malumyan (Can You See It Now? 1st place)


7th Grade Life Science Awards: Sofia Gevorgian (The 5 Second Rule, Honorable Mention), Natalie Demirjian (Can Dog Drool Kill Germs? 3rd place), Arneh Begi (Effects of Color on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate, 2nd place), Michael Vakian (Now You See Me Now You Don't, 1st place)


7th Grade Physical Science Awards: Alexandra Kojoglyan (Hydrophobic Sand, Honorable Mention), Anahit Malumyan (Fruit Electricity, 3rd place), Sophie Davidian (Icy Hot or Icy Not, 2nd place), Vana Soghomonian (Pinhole Camera, 1st place)


8th Grade Life Science Awards: Nairi Patatanyan (Disappearing Act, Honorable Mention), Andrew Tinkjian (Superior Sanitizer, Honorable Mention), Jovani Daldemian (Which Has More Electrolytes: Orange Juice or Sports Drinks?, 3rd place), Nicolas Mihranian (Bugs Be Gone, 2nd place), Pateel Kamkian (Is Your Cell Phone Sick? 1st place)


8th Grade Physical Science Awards:

Anthony Assatourian (Do Signals Wiggle? Honorable Mention), Michael Papazian (It's Just the Magic of Science, Honorable Mention), Marc Arslanian (Is Filtering Contaminated Water Worth It? 3rd place), Musheh Ovanesian (Bright Enough? 2nd place), Alexander Tavitian (Seebeck's Sensational Discovery, 1st place)


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