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Congratulations to 7th Grader Stella Maissian!

By the end of October, over one hundred DHS middle-school students had mailed their entries to New York, and seventh-grader Stella Maissian was ultimately honored as a runner-up in this writing contest.

Stella’s entry was an essay titled “Always There.” In this multi-paragraph composition, Stella expounds on the meaning of friendship, quoting American film director and choreographer Stanley Donen, who once stated, “I don’t have too many friends. I have only a few people who I really love.” Stella proceeds to elucidate the powerful bond she shares with her immediate family members — parents Sam and Nelly and older brothers Peter and Michael ­— as well as a few others, including her maternal grandmother, Shake Saatchian. The students, staff, and families of A.G.B.U. MDS all congratulate Stella on this major achievement in her life and encourage her to continue her passion and excellence for writing.