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<b> SCIENCE FAIR 2013 </b>

5th Grade: 

1st Crazy Crystal Creations Sekimoto, Sevan

2nd   Row, Row, Row Your Egg Gabrelian, Ani

3rd Ickty Wicky Worms Kaprielian, Christina & Tanielian, Nikita


Mention Who's Cheating the Ice Cream Lovers? Aslanian, Kiana

6th Grade

1st Is using biosolids on your lawn a

good alternative to disposing of it in

a landfill, ocean, or burning it? Toutounjian, Talia      

2nd   What is the effect of temperature 

on conductivity and resistance?   Chinchinian, Hagop

3rd Can you build a 1 MHz radio 

receiver that will send a song from 

an ipod/mp3 player to a 1 MHz 

A.M. radio? Hakobyan, Christine 


Mention How do the viscosities of different

liquids affect the transit times of marbles

through the liquids?   Tirakyan, Harutiun

7th Grade

1st Chicken Egg Incubation Yaralian, Alexandra

2nd   Effects of Sugar Supplements on

Growing Mice     Yaralian, Lilia   

3rd Levitating Eddy Currents Bebekian, Diran  


Mention Helicopter Lift Off Deirbadrossian, Peter

8th Grade

1st Slow But Sure: The Effect of Carbon

Dioxide on Gastropods     Mesropian, Alec

2nd   Pascal's Auto Repair Shop Aslanian, Sarine  


3rd The Fuel Cycle of the Future Sarkissian, Ariella


Mention Orange Juice Titration Safarian, Tatiana