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Introducing our new Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Innovation

We are pleased to announce that one of our very own has been hired as Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Innovation. Formerly one of our Kindergarten teachers, Dr. Natalie Berberian will now be responsible for enhancing and evaluating curriculum for grades K - 6. Each year an additional grade level will be added. Dr. Berberian will help to ensure that instruction and materials are challenging, innovative, meeting student needs, and are helping to prepare them for the next level. She will also serve as a resource for teachers, planning professional developments that will ensure that our teachers and our school are always at the forefront in regards to curriculum and instruction.

Dr. Berberian’s philosophy when approaching curriculum and learning is that it should never be boring. She believes that relying solely on a textbook is limiting and dull. Instead, she sees learning both inside and outside of the classroom as pieces of a puzzle. Reading, Writing, Math, Social Emotional Learning, Science and more are all interconnected, and when joined together in a cohesive manner, make learning more impactful, meaningful, and natural. The way to achieve this cohesion is by enhancing and enriching curriculum.

“I’m very excited and lucky to be working with and learning from such an experienced, passionate, and professional group of educators who are already so committed to meeting the needs of our students. This will be the next step in continuing the great, innovative work we do in the classrooms every day. My colleagues are my collaborators and much like the curriculum we are all pieces of a puzzle and must work together to ensure the academic, social, and emotional success of our students.” - Dr. Berberian

Dr. Berberian has been working in education for the past several years and has received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from USC with a specialization in K-12 leadership. She also has a Masters in Early Childhood Education from LMU. She has been a speaker at statewide conferences and various workshops, and has conducted countless presentations for teachers, professionals, therapists, and parents.