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Seniors Last Bell

For the past seven years, our school has adopted a popular tradition form Armenia known as “Verchin Zang,”  or Last Bell! On this day our seniors celebrate their final day of classes. No more AP Literature or AP Statistics, no more US Government and Policies, and no more Physics! It's both a fun and touching day that fills our students, parents, and teachers with emotion. Our seniors celebrate their new found freedom but cry thinking about leaving their second home and saying goodbye to the friends who had become family. Our juniors buzzed as they realized that it was their turn to become seniors, teachers bid farewell to students they had taught for years and parents wiped away tears as they wondered where the years had gone.

On Friday, May 3rd, their final day on campus as students, the seniors started their day with a little prank. They pulled their cars into the squad area, parked in a circle, turned on Armenian music and danced in the center. Later, after removing their cars from campus they continued the dance party by surprising Vice Principal Nalbandian in front of her office and inviting her to join them for an impromptu Shalaxo! Even Principal Avanesian and their teachers joined in!

Finally, it was time for our seniors' official last bell which rang at 12:00 PM exactly. As soon as they heard the sound they rushed out of their classrooms and ran down the hallways one last time as teachers, friends, and parents cheered them on.

After many tears, hugs, and photos our seniors and juniors headed to the gym where a delicious lunch was waiting. Our juniors presented a slide show they had prepared for the seniors that had everyone laughing and finally one by one our seniors dropped off a short letter to themselves in a time capsule that is to be opened on their 10-year reunion. Each letter briefly states where the student saw themselves in 10 years time.

The fun didn’t stop there! The time had come for our seniors to officially pass the baton to the juniors as marked by the annual sweater exchange. Standing on opposite ends of the soccer field, each senior held in their hands the seniors' sweater of one of the juniors. On the count of 3 juniors and seniors ran to each other and embraced as the sea of tiffany blue changed to fluorescent orange. With that, we officially said goodbye to the seniors of 2019 and hello to the seniors of 2020.

As much as we will miss seeing our seniors every day we are incredibly excited for them as they begin this next chapter of their individual journeys. We have no doubt that they will continue to make us proud. Now it is our juniors’ turn to take their place as leaders in the school and leave their own mark. We look forward to cheering them on as they achieve and accomplish during their final year of high school!


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