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Multicultural Day!

Ola! Cheerio! Hoi! Aweh! Hola! Guten Tag! These are the sounds of Multicultural Day! On May 23rd our elementary students took us on a trip around the world! We visited 6 different countries and learned about each one!

Our Kindergarteners took us to Argentina, First Grade took us to the Netherlands, Second Grade took us to England, Third Grade took us to South Africa, Fourth Grade took us to Brazil, and Fifth grade took us to Germany. Each grade spent time learning about the culture of the country they would be representing and prepared a dance to show off to their friends and families. Decked out in fun, traditional costumes our students completely transported us to far off lands and introduced us to the sights and sounds of the six countries they were representing. After the song and dance everyone headed outside to taste foods from each country and collect stickers on their passports!

Multicultural Day allows our students to learn about the beautifully diverse world we live in.  Each country has beautiful customs and traditions that deserve to be learned about and appreciated. In our mission statement, we state that “Each student is encouraged to become a caring and responsible global citizen who values collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking to impact our community and the world.” Multicultural Day is one of the ways we encourage our students to be aware of the world around them. In appreciating other cultures around the world we can better appreciate our own rich culture, heritage, and history.   

Our students did such a fantastic job on this exciting multicultural day and we thank all of their teachers, and the people who worked behind the scenes to make this day an all-around success.


Click on the links below to see our students' dances. 

5th Grade Dance - Germany

4th Grade Dance - Brazil

3rd Grade Dance - South Africa

2nd Grade Dance - England

1st Grade Dance - Netherlands

Kindergarten Dance - Argentina