AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School

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 Mrs. Aline Patatian, Chairlady

Mrs. Taline Arslanian, Vice Chairlady

Mrs. Belet Shahbazian, Treasurer

Mrs. Flora Kodabakshian, Secretary

Mrs. Nona Danisan, Senior Advisor

Aida Kotoyan, Advisor

Galia Charukian, Advisor

Marlina Kankababian, Advisor

Roubina Boyadjian, Advisor

Arpi MouchmouchianAdvisor

Aline Oruncakcial, Advisor

  Mrs. Teni Halburian, Director of Communications



Alumni Games 2015 a Big Success - Scores, Photos & More!

Alumni Games 2015 a Big Success - Scores, Photos & More!

On June 19 and June 20, over 100 alumni returned to AGBU MDS to participate in the highly-anticipated Alumni Games. Special thanks to our PTO and Alumni Association for sponsoring this fun event.

To view images from this past weekend, visit our AGBU MDS Facebook Alumni page or click on the link. If you wish to upload images on our Facebook page, please add #titansgotgame. Final scores of the titans takeover games will be posted shortly. To view the scores from the Alumni Games, click on the following link.

We are looking forward to seeing you at all our future events.

‪#‎titansreunited‬ ‪#‎titansgotgame‬‪ #‎lifeinthetitanslane‬

<b> PTOs Annual Gala </b>

<b> PTOs Annual Gala </b>

Our successful 39th Anniversary Gala celebration took place on Saturday, February 28 at the Four Seasons Hotel located in Beverly Hills. We thank all the parents, alumni and alumni parents for your continuous support in A.G.B.U. Manoogian-Demirdjian School.

Photos from this memorable gala will be posted shortly and shared with all of you!

<b>Armenia's Independence Day Festivities<b/>

<b>Armenia's Independence Day Festivities<b/>

On Friday, September 19th, in support of the 23rd anniversary of Armenia's Independence Day. The PTO hosted a memorable sold out event, "A Festival Celebrating Armenia's Independence!"

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