AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School

2016-2017 A.G.B.U. MDS Board of Trustees

The current board is comprised of  individuals from diverse backgrounds and includes current and former A.G.B.U. MDS parents and alumni.
2016-2017 A.G.B.U. MDS Board of Trustees
Diron Ohanian, Chair
Gabriel Aslanian, Vice-Chair
Saro Kotoyan, Treasurer
Ani Vakian, Secretary
Alexis Gevorgian
Alain Karaguezian
Raffi Svadjian
Larry Tchamkertenian
Kevork Zoryan
Inquiries regarding consideration for a position on the A.G.B.U. MDS Board should be formally directed to the A.G.B.U. Central Board.
The Board has also convened special committees to oversee various aspects of the School. The Board encourages parents to get involved on special committees that need the assistance of professionals. 
2016-2017 Board Special Committees:
Board Governance
Public Relations/Marketing
Inquiries regarding involvement in any special committee should be directed to